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Agnnes Kraweck PhD
Aura for Health
Intuition Technology

Independent researcher and graduate from Donsbach University School of Nutrition (California). Agnnes is a world traveled international lecturer well known to radio and television audiences. She works closely with other researchers, scientists, medical doctors, chiropractors, psychiatrists and psychologists researching human energy, mental stress and nutritional imbalances and their effects on the body. Agnnes has presented papers at the Educational Conference at the University of Saskatoon, Quester Conference at the University of Victoria, B.C., Indian Affairs Education Conference in Saskatoon, Manner Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, "Visions of Tomorrow Conference" State University, Geneseo, New York.

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: Agnnes has owned and operated several businesses, has served on the Board of Alberta Advanced Education and Manpower, and was past president of the Wholistic Health Society and it's Educational Director.

INTUITION TECHNOLOGY: Agnnes uses intuition energy techniques to determine the appropriate nutritional supplements to take. These technologies can include the use of the AuraMeter, Aura Reading, Dowsing, and Kirlian Photography. Some of these technologies can be used remotely without the person being present.

NOTE: Agnnes Kraweck had a near death experience which created new awareness: she can now clearly see and define energy fields around living objects (Auric colours). This experience has led to further research on the human aura using Kirlian Photography and the Aura Meter.

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